Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Finally got one ......

I've been toying with the idea for some time about having a Kona Solids colour card.  

Imagine 271 sunning fabrics and something that's quick and handy for finding matching or contrasting fabrics.  Though the internet is great unfortunately the colour reproduction can be very very dodgy.  You only have to check out the same colour in two or three online fabric shops to see what I mean.  Here's an example:-
So I must admit that it's probably been a worthwhile investment, especially with this challenge just around the corner and I'll need to select / purchase some background fabric which will really set off the charm packs, (as again you can't trust the photos of this funky new fabric range online).  

Hopefully the little charm pack will be with me shortly and I'll share the background fabric selection process with you soon.
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Diane-crewe said...

if you use the fabrics a lot .. then well worth the investment I would say x enjoy x