Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sorry ......

I am so very sorry for the slack blogging.

Things have been a little involved here over the last month or two.

Last month was the Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild (SWD) AGM (I'm in my second year of three, as President), so there was a bit of planning and sorting out to be done for that. That meeting was quickly followed by some self imposed organizing in preparing a range of class / workshop / guest talk posters and ideas to pass on to subsequent committees - I'm still working my way through this) - you see I had this idea that rather than a list that some simple, fun and informative posters would possibly work better in sparking interest and support.

Here are a couple of them .......

It wasn't long after the AGM that emails started to flow in connection with next years Tri Guild / Tri Annual Exhibition.  This is a BIG exhibition at our local Arts Centre (Gracefield) that takes place every third year with the SWD's, the Embroidery Guild and the local Quilters Guild.  So I see meeting in connection with this starting in the near future.

In the background I've been quietly crafting away and promise to share some photos in future posts:-
  • Mini Charm Challenge Quilt - I'm currently binding this up hoping to get some decent finished shots for the e-magazine article.  I'm tweaking the 'how to make' pattern description, along with the 'how to' photos and am drawing up some pattern format guides.  I hope all is OK for Lynne and Co, for inclusion in the appropriate Fat Quarterly issue.  I've even found a quilt label format that I like - it's different from the usual but give me scope for adaption to suit each project, including knitting, crochet and weaving (when I get that sorted).  Now the label I can share with you and not give away too many secrets - see below.
  • SWD 2014 challenge piece - for once I've found some inspiration that has me starting work on the challenge piece well before the summer months - our themes this year are:-

  • Spinning - I'm working away on 300g of BFL hand dyed roving. I'm blending it with some silk and trying to create an ombre yarn and of course I don't make things easy for myself - no I want to keep the rovings colour format so I'm Navajo plying it so have to spin it up quite fine to maximize the amount of yarn created.
So my quilt label ....... I can't remember where the idea came from, whether it was in a dream or something I picked up whilst internet surfing but rather than a flat label which is stitched down onto the quilt back it's more of a tag label.  Something that I can sew into the binding seam that's double sided - a logo and quilt name on the uppermost side with quilt info on the back side.
I've put together another post with a description and photo's of how I made and sewed in the label, so watch out for it here soon.
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