Monday, 14 April 2014

Where to go next?

So, following on from yesterday's 'How come' post, this is a list of items I want to complete for the SWD Guild challenges / exhibition with 'final' deadline months .......

  • Crib Quilt - March 2015 (want to have at the Guild to spur on others to make things), so working towards May 2014 
  • Soft sculpture spider - March 2015
  • Lichen scarf/shawl - hand spun fibre, felted panels - March 2015
  • Teal / batik quilt (because the back panels are hand dyed fabric) - March 2015
  • Raffle scarfs / shawls - something for the teens - March 2015
Here's a little insight into my warped way of planning:-

Crib Quilt -
Two cotton pillow cases - tea dye these a nice soft tone - secondary fabric another hand dyed fabric or use hand dyed fabric scraps?
Design - something along the improv format with a fleece backing - time to visit my improv Pinterest board
These designs jumped out at me

Now my dilemma is my current stash of hand dyed fabrics - as you may remember I'm using them on the back of the Batik / Teal curve quilt
Teal / batik QAYG Teal / batik curves quilt
So it looks like I'd best stick with fabric scraps if wanting to use fabric from my stash.  Of course I could dye more fabric but for that I'd best consider a colour palette.  Something non gender specific to go with a pale beige or do I play safe and stick with white?
signature panel

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Joan said...

So love what you are up to. I visited your twitter photos...but had some problems with my account - now sorted I think... hope to catch up soon.