Friday, 16 May 2014

Spring Quilt Festival

It's that time of year again - Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2014

We get the chance to surf around the world via the internet, viewing and admiring Bloggers Quilts of every style and size you can imagine.  So, without further ado, welcome all in blog land visiting my scribbles about patchwork, quilts, quilting, dyeing, spinning and general craftyness.

I missed out posting a quilt in the Autumn Festival last year - well basically because I didn't have one finished - home improvements and general life got in the road of quilting and crafting, but this year there is one finish already ......

So thanks Amy for holding the festival again and here's my contribution

A mini charm pack challenge for Fat Quarterly e-magazine - Feather Falls Quilt
the quilt measures 72" x 69" - ie:  Large Quilt Category 
is reverse applique - Applique Quilts Category
Quilted on a domestic machine - Home Machine Quilted Category
Modern / Contemporary - Modern Quilts Category
Designed by me - Original Design Quilts Category (but now available in Spring 2014 magazine)
Though a mini charm pack was used here it could be made using scraps -Scrappy Quilts  the large feather made using 1 charm pack
Another thing you'll notice if you look closely at the photos is that this quilt was made using a Quilt as You Go panel technique - making it easier to quilt on a domestic sewing machine - but that's not to say you can't make one using one large panel of background fabric, because you could.
The beauty about this quilt is that no matter how hard you try to create an identical copy it will always be different, and you don't have to stick with the feather shape you can do a leaf, a heart, a flower,an animal - well basically anything that takes your fancy.
With me when quilting, or crafting in general I love to 'play'.  I like to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and try new things.  More and more I love take the concept or idea of a quilt and try to create it.  Yes, sometimes it works and sometimes I have to adapt and rethink what I'm doing, or wanting to achieve, but more often than not the journey is fun and well worth it.

As a result from the 'journey' in making this quilt I've pulled out some batik charms and sewn them together for another reverse applique project - it's a smaller quilt but a larger design which is a bit more intricate which hopefully I'll have ready for the Autumn Bloggers Quilt Festival if I can get some of my other quilts finished (these include finishing an old UFO for a 21st birthday present in August).

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this springs festival.

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Catherine said...

I love those feathers!:-) Which category are you entering it in?

dutchcomfort said...

Love those feathers, Ethne!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's so lovely that the feathers really look as though they are floating.

Jennie said...

This is absolutely beautiful - feathers hold a special place in our hearts as a family in memory of my father-in-law and this is absolutely perfect - I am going off to buy the pattern right now! Absolutely gorgeous!

Kimberly Hoyt said...


CitricSugar said...

You did a beautiful job of those feathers - wow! said...

I am in love with your feathers. So beautiful!


Yvonne Campbell said...

I love all the beautiful feather and how nicely your qayg looks!

Carrie Wikander said...

Neat quilt indeed!